Can a Single Dream Power a Book?

Many authors claim that their ideas, plots and characters have come from dreams they have had, whether they experienced one dream or many. The idea that a single dream could power an entire book always seemed unlikely to me. How many of us really remember our dreams in enough detail? And how many of us have dreams that would be interesting to other people across the globe?

I was sceptical to the entire thought until I realised that many things in our lives can affect our subconscious. Films, Television, the food we eat, or the medication we take can all influence the dreams we have. If I watch too much 24 before I go to sleep, I’m guaranteed a dream where I’m driving a big GMC shooting bad guys.

For the most part however, it’s medication that affects my dreams. Currently they are rather frightening, often dark and usually upsetting. A few of these dreams I remember for a long time, one of them, fueled the idea for a book.

It was dark, the building was old and had been abandoned for many years. The walls, ceilings and floors were crumbling. A small group of people were running from something, but from what? One of the men shouted that they had to get out, they were out of time. As they ran into the darkness, my eyes opened.

That extremely short dream inspired an entire plot for a Novella. It was the inspiration I was searching for as the idea of writing a Novella made sense to me. To enter the writing industry with a 250,000 word Novel seemed almost impossible as I had never written close to that amount in my life. I thought a novella would surely be an easier task and it was. Writing 25,000 words was a much more realistic goal and it taught me what an enormous task writing a novel would be. Not only did it prepare me for writing a novel, but it was something I was proud of.

So, can a single dream power the idea for a book? Absolutely. Your subconscious is so powerful and imaginative, there really are no limits. If you can dream it, you can sure as hell write it!



2 thoughts on “Can a Single Dream Power a Book?

  1. I had a short story that came from a dream. Actually, two. And I was working on another book series based on many dreams. I love dreams – they’re a great form of entertainment!

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