Why Am I Blogging?

It seems strange to me, to sit at my PC, writing a short piece to share with the World. I never understood why people do this, tell people about their day or what they’ve seen. Then again, I was never that kind of person to keep a Diary. Yes I tried, but there was something about it that seemed odd to me. Writing to a piece of paper and hoping it would fix things? I didn’t see the point.

Hmm, maybe there was something wrong with me and the way I was looking at it? Was I over thinking things, or not putting enough thought into it? I guess people blog for different reasons, but what is mine?

I guess it’s good to write your thoughts and post them, maybe someone else will be able to relate to them. A connection would be made with someone across the Globe and then what? To see life through someone’s eyes is interesting, you experience opinions and you ponder thoughts that had never crossed your mind before. Your eyes are opened and your mind broadens.

But what makes my life and thoughts worth reading about? I personally think my life is boring. I’ve published a book and suffer with depression and when my mind isn’t bogged down with it’s own oppression, I write at my PC and escape my life.

I guess that’s it. Reading and writing blogs is an escape, just like reading a book or watching a film. For a moment you forget about your own problems and read about someone’s life. You see someone’s photographs and see the World can be beautiful. Even someone’s words could put a smile upon your face?

I will continue blogging, as well as reading others, it’s rather entertaining! It gives me a chance to broaden my own mind and take a break from writing. I will try to continue posting every other day.

What will I blog about? I have no idea, I guess we’ll see what happens. I hope to make people smile and I hope you enjoy this journey. Please feel free to get involved, I’d love to hear your own story.


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