Writing – Why I Love It

Writing and reading has always been a passion of mine, as well as other things of course. I guess the main reason for loving writing, is the freedom that comes along with it. There’s no right or wrong in a fictional story that you write because it’s your World, it’s your idea and only you can decide what is and isn’t possible.

Reading is an escape from our real lives, we absorb ourselves in the lives of the characters and relate to the trials they face in their story. This is the same for writing the story. Creating a World and making realistic characters, giving them voices and emotions, enables you to forget about your own life for a short while.

I’ve been writing stories from a very early age and my overactive imagination (which is both a gift and a curse) has always allowed me to create new and exciting Worlds. While my early writing was obviously not brilliant, when I was approximately fifteen, my English Teacher praised me on my storytelling abilities. At the time, I never really thought much of it, I always assumed she was just doing her job and encouraging me like she was supposed to. Now that I’m a little older, I realise that she may have seen something in me that I did not.  

The Phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ comes into play here. Why would I have the gift of an active imagination, if I weren’t supposed to use it in a creative way? I have a big issue of getting bored very quickly (we’ll talk about that another time) which affects my ability to work in a regular job and I recently discovered that I never get bored of writing. Maybe this is because every time I sit down to write, it’s different. No day is the same, because quite simply, you’ll never write the same thing twice.

I love to write because escaping reality is, to put it simply, fun. To create life with your imagination and then have other people picturing your World in a million different ways is just fantastic. Writing not only exercises my imagination (which is a lot like a puppy or a toddler on a sugar high), but other peoples too, it brings strangers together and gives them a common interest. People have enjoyed my first book, they have laughed and cried. To have people feeling such strong emotions about something you have created, produces a feeling I can’t even begin to explain. But I’ll tell you one thing, it makes me want to write a hell of a lot more.



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