Passion Into Profession

After years of going from job to job, not really knowing where I belong, I finally promised myself that I would do something to improve my future.

For years I attempted to find out what I was actually meant to do with my life, every job I had bored me to tears. While I have many skills under my belt, no career path I tried seem to interest me. As soon as I would “master” a skill, such as bartending, I’d get bored and want to move on to something new.

Nothing ever interested me for more than a few months, that was until I rediscovered my passion for writing. I began working on a Novella, desperate to get my foot on the literature ladder and get out of doing something I didn’t enjoy.

I promised myself that I would not only make writing my passion, but my profession as well. I have published one Novella so far this year and I hope that one day I can write full time.

If my dream profession doesn’t happen by the end of this year, then I’ll continue trying. Writing is the only thing that makes sense to me and so I’ll keep on doing it.


5 thoughts on “Passion Into Profession

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