The Weather Vs The British

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

In the past I have experienced that if it’s a ‘dull’ day outside you yourself will feel a little low as a result. It’s the same for when it’s very sunny and bright, you will feel bright in yourself.

However, I personally do not care if it’s raining, hailing or shining outside because at the end of the day it doesn’t stop you doing whatever you wanted/needed to do. Whether that be go for a walk, go shopping or go to the cinema. Whatever the weather is doing, it really doesn’t matter.

Not only does the weather change moods, it changes behaviour as well. As a result I do believe that I could live in a house with no windows and still know exactly what the weather is doing. How? Because it’s plastered all over social media. People moan when it’s hot and they moan when it’s cold and wet. I know the British are known for moaning about the weather but come on!

Why moan about something that isn’t in your control?

Yes I am very aware that it is raining. I do not need to hear how it’s messing up your hair or how it’s “preventing” you from going outside. (Yes I have really seen someone say that they cannot venture out because it’s raining…For God’s sake.)

A little bit of rain does not stop you going outside, that’s what waterproof coats and umbrellas are for.

It really is true that British people are never satisfied. It’s always too hot or too cold. You know you can easily change that yourself, right? You can put on extra layers or take a cold shower.

Your mood can also be altered depending on what your actions are. You are able to cheer yourself up, but you’re not going to do that if you constantly dwell on the fact that it’s raining or too hot.

The weather is in nobodies control. So stop moaning, change your outlook and live life whatever the weather!


4 thoughts on “The Weather Vs The British

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