“Why Is It Always Me?” Is It Though?

I’m sure we’ve all asked that question at least once when something goes horribly wrong. Some of us may just ask ourselves quietly, while others dramatically fall to their knees and scream at the top of their lungs! WHY! WHY ME?!

But, is it always YOU? Or Me?

The short answer is…No. It’s not always you.

You just think it’s always you because you’re only thinking about you at that moment. (Don’t feel bad. We all do it. But this isn’t about us. It’s about you…or is it about me? I forget.)

I’ll admit right now, that I am guilty of asking “Why is it always me?” or “Why does it always happen to me?”, it’s a natural reaction to a bad situation. Doesn’t matter if that situation is life changing, or just bloody annoying. For example, a car pulled out in front of you, “Why do cars always pull out in front of me?!” They don’t, you were just in the right place, at the wrong time…or that guy is a bit of an asshole and he’s trying to make your life a little more stressful than it already is.

The point is. It’s not always you. You may think that, but I assure you, crap happens to all of us and that’s just a way of life. It can’t be sunshine and butterflies all the time can it? Even though we want it to be, we don’t have control over anything except ourselves. Which is unfortunate, but there is such a thing called “Free will” and unfortunately someone elses positive/negative “free will” action could have a negative/positive reaction on you/me/us/whatever.

To every action there is a reaction. To every pro there is a con. Ect, ect.

To sum up. It’s not always you. And if something bad has happened to you, something good is likely to be around the corner. Set yourself up for success and success shall find you.

Godspeed. Live long and prosper. Fight the good fight.



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