A Dream To Kill – Chapter 2 Now Available!

A Dream To Kill – Open Book

Chapters 1 and 2 of my new open book project, A Dream To Kill, are now available for your reading pleasure here. New chapters will be posted every Sunday!

Chapter 2: Preview:

Levi sat quietly at the dining room table, his plate was empty with just the remains of chicken bone and a few pieces of sweet corn. He had finished eating before the other children were even halfway through their food and he sat patiently, waiting for them to finish. His stomach rumbled as he slowly chewed on some bread and butter.

“You shouldn’t eat so much Levi. Little and often, that’s the key.” Miss Logan chirped happily as she ate her dinner at the kitchen counter.

“Of course Miss Logan.” Levi muttered in response, his hand grasping the bread tightly as he continued to eat it.

“Is this what families do?” A small girl asked quietly as she picked at her vegetables. She was sitting on a number of cushions to help her see over the table, her small stature was often picked on by the other children and as a result she rarely spoke in front of them.

Levi looked at the girl, her face was innocent and naive and he was tempted to tell her the truth, but what kind of person would he be if he made a small girl cry, “Yes, Sophia. This is what families do.” He muttered in response before he kicked his chair back and excused himself from the table, he knew further questions would follow and he couldn’t lie to them all night.

Chapter 2 is available Now!


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