Change The Way Someone Views The World

They say a single man can’t change the World. But you can change the way somebody sees the World. What do I mean? A random act of kindness.

Surely doing a simple random act of kindness for somebody is changing the World in some respect? I’ll give you an example.

You walk past a homeless man, you clearly see that he’s starving and everybody is simply walking past him. We all know that if you give someone money, they may spend it in an inappropriate way. But what if you had a giftcard for Subway or a coffee shop or even a petshop (if the person you pass has a dog)? Giving that person a guaranteed lunchwill change the way that person sees the World. Even if it’s just for a day.

Or perhaps the person isn’t homeless. Maybe you’re at the drive through and you pay for your own meal and the meal of the person that is behind you. Or it’s a hot day and you see someone who needs a drink, what’s to stop you buying that person a drink?

You don’t need to do big, extravagant things to change the way someone views the World. A simple, small act of random kindness is all it takes. You don’t have to do it everyday. Just think if that person was having the worst day of their lives and all of a sudden, out of the blue a good, kind hearted person pays for their drink or their lunch. How do you think that person would see their World now? And maybe that person will do the same to someone else and then that person does the same and so on.

A simple act of random kindness not only changes an individual’s World, it also has the power to change the World. One person at a time.


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