Can’t Escape The Noise!

My day usually consists of at least five hours of writing, but occasionally there are times when writing becomes almost impossible. Today was one of those frustrating occasions and it was all down to the builders that are putting a porch on the front of our house. I managed to write 240 words before I was interrupted by the deafening drilling that was just feet away from my window.

Being able to block out unwanted noises is a very useful talent to have, unfortunately I do not possess this power and as a result I was forced to admit defeat and step away from my computer. So what did I do instead?

Well, I decided to bake a cake! For those who don’t know, baking is a big hobby of mine and at one point I thought it would be a potential career. I have all the precision icing tools, paint brushes, chocolate moulds and more. Baking experiments would happen more often, if ingredients weren’t so expensive!

After I had completed my chocolate masterpiece, I attempted to get back to writing my book, but alas that didn’t happen as the bangs and drills continued until about 7pm. I’d be mad, but I can’t be because they’re such nice guys…so I gave them some cake instead.

Today has been filled of chocolate and youtube videos. Do I have regrets? Sure, but what was I to do? Go to a noisy coffee shop and write there? Same boat, different ocean!

There’s always tomorrow!

Oh wait, they’re back again tomorrow….


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