Hunting Woes

There’s a lot of conflict over the British tradition of hunting and don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why people are against it. Dogs would be mistreated, foxes were pushed to near death and were not put out of their misery for quite some time. However laws have changed, people have changed and most importantly the way all the animals involved are treated, has changed.

It is very rare for hunts to actually involve any form of real “hunting”, the majority of them are now “drag hunts” and the reason for this is quite simply that the law has changed and it is now illegal to hunt foxes.

Drag hunts give riders, horses and dogs the impression that the hunt is real, animal scent is spread across the course and, as with a real hunt, the dogs follow the scent their “prey” has left behind. The event is safe for all involved and everyone (including the dogs) are treated well.

Foxes were (and still are) huge problems for farmers, the hunt was the easiest way to control population numbers, but now the foxes are safe. I have no doubt that some hunts still pursue foxes, but don’t judge, it might be required and a lot of dogs now are trained to not harm the foxes.

Recently the Tedworth joint hunt master was attacked by sabs, his hunt was a drag hunt, no living creature was harmed and yet these protestors thought it right to inflict harm on another human being who was just enjoying his sport.

Sport?! Horse riding isn’t a sport.

Of course it is, a lot of skill is involved in riding horses and there are a lot of risks involved in hunting. Open fields, huge obstacles, anything could go wrong. After all, you are controlling a beast of an animal. I’ve been riding for longer than I can remember and I can tell you, I thought it would be easy too. I thought i’d be jumping six foot fences after a week of riding; but boy was I wrong! If you haven’t ridden a horse, try it, you won’t be denying it’s legitimacy then.

It upsets me that we, as humans, feel the need to “Protest” against something, just because we don’t like it or agree with it. I’m not a huge fan of cricket, but you don’t see me picketing games, telling people off for enjoying something that I don’t enjoy.

We don’t protest against Wayne Rooney’s attitude, why must we protest about hunters minding their own business? A tradition is a tradition. A sport is a sport. Can we not just simply accept that hunting is not going anywhere?

Instead of causing trouble, try something new. Why not try hunting, or a new sport? You never know, you might enjoy it!

Keep the protests for the real issues in the World and just calm down. Have a cuppa and remember, foxes are rarely being harmed. So relax.

Side Note: It amuses me that we protest to save foxes. But what do we do for the endangered animals that are being hunted? You don’t hear of protests for those.


2 thoughts on “Hunting Woes

  1. Well put Viv. Sometimes this world seems over excitable on issues that are ether trivial or unfounded. Good example of this, was the near national uproar here in Canada about the railroad demolishing private farms. Residents in Vancouver had set up small crops next to the tracks, much to the dismay of the railroad that owned the land in question. People were furious and began a protest when the demolition finnaly happened. This was land owned by the railroad and it was entirely their right to do with as they please, but this didn’t stop people from screaming about it. You are so very right, there are so many horrible things in this world that deserve to be protested instead but get virtually no attention. That all said, a persons right to protest is, just as the activity in question, their right as long as its peaceful. Sorry for the long winded response.

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