Light Up The Darkness

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my lateness in posting a new blog. I’ve had this thought on my mind for a few days, but I just couldn’t figure out how to word it; but I think I’ve finally got it.


It has become apparent to me that making yourself smile and laugh is rather important. Especially if you’re suffering with something like depression, or anxiety. Sometimes while suffering with mental illnesses such as these, it can be very difficult to socialise with friends and even family. So, what’s the next option? Well it’s to make yourself feel better, or at least try.

Making yourself feel a little better doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s actually pretty easy. Of course it’s easy to spend your days thinking of that person or that situation that is making you want to hide in darkness forever, but you need a break from that or your health will suffer.

Last week I took part in a local pantomime and played Aladdin! It was very enjoyable and I was able to forget about my problems and enjoy what I was doing. For a few hours a day, I forgot about the thing that tortures my mind everyday.

During all of this, I realised, that it’s okay for someone in a bad situation to smile and laugh. It is perfectly acceptable to try and make yourself feel better. Whether that be treating yourself to something nice, going out for a drink with someone, or just watching a feel good movie.

It’s important to help yourself before you even allow anyone else attempting to help. Making your days a little easier isn’t going to make you better overnight, but it will certainly help on your road to recovery; however long it may be.

So the next time you get the feeling that the darkness is closing in, do something that makes you happy. Keeping the darkness away, even for an hour a day, can help you sleep a little easier at night.




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