3 Games I Can’t Wait For

I can’t tell you how many hours I have lost to PC gaming, but I can tell you that I don’t regret a single second. If I had the time, I would play games all day, every day! But there’s a lot of games coming out this year, here are just a few that I am looking forward to.


Grand Theft Auto V

I already own this game on Xbox, but I don’t really play it. This is purely because I have changed over to PC gaming. I have always loved the Grand Theft games and this one is the best yet, it’s almost like The Sims now, but with guns and beautiful graphics. Obviously this game isn’t for everybody and I personally wouldn’t give it to a child, but as an adult, I love this. I can lose hours to just driving around causing absolute havoc and let’s be honest that’s what we love about the open world. We can do anything we want! Punch a shark, steal a plane, break into the military base. Anything! I can’t wait for the PC release of this game in April, the beautiful graphics matched with multiplayer is going to be the reason I say goodbye to sleep!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I have the first two games in my steam library and I am thoroughly looking forward to a new installment. Will it be the last? Who knows, I certainly hope not. Open Worlds have to be my favourite type of game. Having the option to stray from the main story missions is always a plus in my books. I often get bored if I have to stick to the story, so having options makes games like these all the better. The graphics look incredible and come on, who doesn’t like fighting monsters? To be released in May, this game shows a lot of promise for fans of the franchise, I just hope it doesn’t let us down.


Lego Jurassic World

Everyone loves Lego right? And quite a lot of us love Dinosaurs, so putting the two together just makes sense. Lego has always been a big part of my life and I have always enjoyed the games, one of my favourites has to be The Hobbit, but I also had a lot of fun with the Harry Potter series. This new installment promises plenty of humour and hours of gameplay. I can’t wait for June, so I can jump into the best park in the World!


5 Films I’ll Always Enjoy

There are thousands of films to experience, but we all have our favourites that we always go back to. Here I have picked, in no particular order, 5 of my favourite films, they’re all very different but equally enjoyable.



I don’t think I have to really say much about this film, it is truly a classic from the 80’s. It is a favourite in our household, I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a bit of David Bowie, right? The music in this film is catchy, the puppets are wonderful and the adventure that Sarah embarks on never gets old. If you’re a Jim Henson fan and you haven’t seen this film, you need to change that. This is truly a Henson classic, he reminds me of the babe.


Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

A very different film from all of the others on this list, but bear with me here. This film is witty, gritty and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, I personally find this one of the perfect films to put on if you’re in the mood for some gritty humour. I was first introduced to this film while studying film in college and I fell in love. Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, Sting…I mean, what’s not to love? There isn’t a British film that is quite like this, it is unique and will always have a place in my collection.



When will then be now? Soon! This spoof has to be my favourite, forget Scary Movie, this is the master of spoofs. It is still relevant today and as long as Star Wars is around, it always will be. Mel Brooks at his best, in my opinion, it far suppasses Blazing Saddles and Men in Tights. The graphics may not have aged well, but the comedy is always on point and that is the most important part of this film. It’s not scared to break the fourth wall and it pulls every joke off perfectly. A must see for any spoof fan. May the schwartz be with you!



Okay so this is very different, but if you have ever seen this film, you will know that it is a beautiful, emotional, witty film with plenty of charm and character. A 1998 Academy Award winner for it’s score, this film is without a doubt one of the most memorable films of my childhood. Forget about the history and just get lost in the mesmerizing music and the stunning animation. I will always hold this film close to my heart and I truly hope that future generations will love it as much as my generation did.


A Knight’s Tale

My lords, my ladies and everybody else not sitting on a cushion, I present the wonderful, flawless work of Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk. Where do I even begin with this film, it is simply perfection. Every performance is just amazing, there are no other words to describe it. This was the first film I saw with Heath Ledger and naturally I immediately fell in love with his incredible acting ability. If you are a fan of any of the actors in this film, you will most certainly enjoy this film, I guarantee it! Ulrich Von Lichtenstein (William) and his faithful friends will steal your hearts with their cheeky personalities and witty banter. I don’t know if there is anything to not like about this film. Watch it, you will not regret it.

3 Titles I Can’t Wait For

2014 was a brilliant year for the silver screen, but does this year show any promises of beating it? After hours of searching through thousands of titles that are due to be released this year, I didn’t really find anything that grabbed and excited me. I did however pick out three titles that I will definitely be seeing in the cinema when they come out.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

I am, without a doubt a huge Marvel fan and I absolutely adore the films they seem to be pumping out at a rapid rate. Guardians of the Galaxy was simply breath taking last year and I always enjoy Avengers Assemble. The trailers all look incredible and I cannot put into words how excited I am to see the gang back together. The action will undoubtedly be bursting at the seams and with a generous sprinkling of humour, I have no doubt that Age of Ultron will be a fantastic edition to a franchise that shows no signs of stopping. Next month the Avengers will be back and by the looks of it, they’ll be back with quite a few bangs.

Jurassic World

When I was a little girl, Jurassic park both amazed and scared me. I thought the dinosaurs were realistic and I’m sure they gave me a nightmare or two. But I always went back to it, it’s a classic and I still love it today. A lot of people may be sick of Jurassic Park, as you can find it on television quite often, but I am ecstatic for this new release. The trailer doesn’t show us much more than teasers of the dinosaurs and what the park is to humans; but when you hear a scientist utter the words “Genetically modified” you know something is going to hit the fan. I cannot see this film soon enough and thankfully, with a release set for June, I don’t have to wait too long.

Fantastic Four

The original Fantastic Four films were…unique. I enjoyed them at the time, but there was something about them that didn’t do it for me, something was missing. Maybe it was just a bit too cheesy. They were films that you would watch once, forget about and then turn your nose up if someone suggested it. So I am extremely excited to see the reboot, to fail on this film would be a disaster for Marvel. The trailer for this film looks impressive and so my fingers are firmly crossed for a beautiful, comedic action adventure that Marvel fans can love over and over again.

The reason I only have 3 titles on this list, is because honestly they are the only three that stood out and interested me. I don’t know if Hollywood are having a hard time coming up with new ideas, but come on…Pride and Prejudice and Zombies seriously?! I hope this title is a joke because that would be an embarrassment and an insult to classic literature.

I am intrigued by Chappie (which is out now), Pan and of course I am open minded about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but unfortunately I am not overly excited yet, maybe that will change when future trailers have been released. I will definitely be seeing Minions but not in the cinema and as for Furious 7, well I stopped watching those after 4…or was it 5? No, it must have been 4, there’s no way I’d sit through a 5th!


Let me know what films you’re excited for over the coming months and if you think any of my choices are worth seeing at the cinema.

My Close Call: Idiotic Drivers

Driving is an essential part of life for most people, this is obvious by the amount of traffic on our roads. Controlling a vehicle is easy once you’ve learned how to, but somehow the odd few slip through the net; we call these idiots and I beg the question, “How can you be so dumb?”

I asked the question yesterday when I was driving home from an appointment with my chiropractor. The short 15 minute journey began well, but after just 5 minutes (if that) a blonde woman pulled out in front of me, from a junction which has excellent visibility. I slammed my hand onto my horn and broke hard. With her stupid blue eyes staring at me in her rear view mirror, she then waved her arm in the air as if to say “What did I do?”

…What did you do?! Are you actually crapping on my leg right now, you could have killed us. It seems obvious to me that some people are just in too much of a hurry to die. I mean, there is no where on Earth that is so important that you have to risk not only your life, but others as well.

Pulling a stunt like that will gain you a couple of seconds, is it really worth it? Is the high blood pressure honestly worth it? The worst part about this particular incident, is that no one was behind me and no one was coming the other way, so all she had to do was wait a maximum of 10 seconds for me to pass the junction. But God forbid you wait, I understand, you’re late for an appointment, please do kill me so that you can get there on time.

The amount of times someone has pulled out in front of me and then reacted as if I was in the wrong, is countless (especially on roundabouts, do not get me started on those). What is wrong with people, I really want to know because this idiotic behaviour is on the incline and driving seems to be getting more and more dangerous every day. I used to love driving, now I only do it because I have to and good God am I glad when I step out onto solid ground at the end of every journey.

If you are one that pulls out in front of people on a regular basis, STOP. Seriously, you could kill someone and yourself. The extra 3 seconds you gain is NOT worth it. Stop being an idiot because if you don’t get killed, you will pull out in front of the wrong person one day and end up with either a police man on your ass, or a very angry civilian who won’t accept what you’ve done.

Think. Stay alive long enough to reach your destination.

Why I Don’t Like The News

My parents and my boyfriend are always having to explain the current affairs of the World to me, because I often refuse to tune into the News. Every time I do decide to go onto a News site, watch the News, or turn the radio one, I instantly regret it. There is nothing good in the News, it’s constantly filled with violence, death, disasters and hideous crimes. Why would I want to hear about all of this?

A few years ago I did watch the News every night, it’s important to keep up with the World, but one evening I realised that the World is just filled with hate and that is the only thing the News likes to focus on.

Every time you turn to a News Channel, it’s always the same thing, “This person has been shot”, “A woman killed her kids”, etc. Why can’t we focus on the good in the World? If we spent as much time talking about the good as we do the bad, this World would probably be a better place.

There is so much love in the World, why do we always focus on the hate? Sure, it’s important to know what is going on in the World, but surely not everything is bad? There’s amazing things happening out there and yet we brush over it, we mention it and say “Oh that’s good,” and forget about it because word of something bad always follows it.

A World without hate, isn’t possible, but I wish it could be. I honestly, do not see what people get from making others miserable, but again, I know we’re all wired differently.

If you ever feel like treating someone with hate, remember that is a human being, they have feelings and emotions, just like you. They may be a bad person themselves, but it’s always better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Drama = Stress, so leave it for the soap operas.

Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you. Treat someone with love and kindness and they will most certainly return it (if they’re a good person).

Long Distance Love

Long distance relationships are far from easy, in fact you could say they’re nearly impossible and I have to be honest, I never thought I’d see myself in one; not to mention one that’s lasted over a year! Long distance is very different to a normal relationship, it requires a lot of trust and a crap tonne (that’s a legitimate measurement, honest) of patience. Having said this, they are brilliant tests for how strong the relationship with your partner is.

Communication is important, but it’s not do or die. If you’re in a long distance relationship, the chances are that you enjoy your own space and your own company this probably goes for your partner as well. It’s very difficult, but also important to remember that even the smallest bit of communication counts.

Trust is probably, no, definitely the most crucial part of any partnership and it’s even more important when your partner isn’t near you most of the time. It’s very difficult to keep your mind from wandering towards dark thoughts, it is perfectly natural, the trick is to push those thoughts to the back of your mind and expel them.

When people ask me how I met my other half, I never know how to respond because I worry that they won’t understand and I’d have to explain how and why in great detail. The truth is, I met him on a public Minecraft server…that’s right, Minecraft! And i’m very thankful for it, without it I would never have met him, or the wonderful friends I have.

It doesn’t matter how you met, how far away you are or how hard it can be sometimes, what matters is that you care and support one another in everything you do. Communicate, trust and love each other and you will surely be successful at the dreaded Long Distance Relationship!

Helpful Hackers

The battle between horse riders and motorists has been on going for a long time, but we are finally being used to our potential. Police in Northamptonshire are beginning to see hackers as an aid to ending Rural crime.

Being an Equestrian can often attract unwanted attention, whether you’re hunting or out on the roads and as a result it can get quite dangerous. A lack of understanding can quite literally be the difference between life and death.

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