Helpful Hackers

The battle between horse riders and motorists has been on going for a long time, but we are finally being used to our potential. Police in Northamptonshire are beginning to see hackers as an aid to ending Rural crime.

Being an Equestrian can often attract unwanted attention, whether you’re hunting or out on the roads and as a result it can get quite dangerous. A lack of understanding can quite literally be the difference between life and death.

A speeding motorist could scare a horse and the results can often be deadly, not just to horse and rider but to the motorist as well. But just because people do not understand, does not mean hackers should not be allowed out on the roads. It is rarely the riders fault, I am not being biased, I have ridden for far too many years and been in far too many close calls. But chances are, while out on the road you will encounter at least one motorist who does not wish to acknowledge the danger and potential consequences of their actions.

While on horseback, you can observe quite a lot, after all you’re higher than most roadside plants or fences and people do tend to keep their distance. It’s a relaxing time to have with your horse and now it’s even more rewarding, thanks to Police finally seeing the potential hackers possess.

While the riders that have been given this responsibility are not allowed to enforce law, their reports back to the authorities are showing brilliant results. Imagine if this method was enforced everywhere, the criminals caught without them even knowing would bring crime down a substantial amount. They should give the riders GoPro cameras to place on their hats, we could catch horrible, inconsiderate motorists in the act!

If given the chance to make a difference in my local area, I would definitely take it. The general public do not get the opportunity to help their community, more programs such as this would make a huge difference in the safety of every town and village. Local authorities would do well to use us to our full potential!




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