Why I Don’t Like The News

My parents and my boyfriend are always having to explain the current affairs of the World to me, because I often refuse to tune into the News. Every time I do decide to go onto a News site, watch the News, or turn the radio one, I instantly regret it. There is nothing good in the News, it’s constantly filled with violence, death, disasters and hideous crimes. Why would I want to hear about all of this?

A few years ago I did watch the News every night, it’s important to keep up with the World, but one evening I realised that the World is just filled with hate and that is the only thing the News likes to focus on.

Every time you turn to a News Channel, it’s always the same thing, “This person has been shot”, “A woman killed her kids”, etc. Why can’t we focus on the good in the World? If we spent as much time talking about the good as we do the bad, this World would probably be a better place.

There is so much love in the World, why do we always focus on the hate? Sure, it’s important to know what is going on in the World, but surely not everything is bad? There’s amazing things happening out there and yet we brush over it, we mention it and say “Oh that’s good,” and forget about it because word of something bad always follows it.

A World without hate, isn’t possible, but I wish it could be. I honestly, do not see what people get from making others miserable, but again, I know we’re all wired differently.

If you ever feel like treating someone with hate, remember that is a human being, they have feelings and emotions, just like you. They may be a bad person themselves, but it’s always better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Drama = Stress, so leave it for the soap operas.

Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you. Treat someone with love and kindness and they will most certainly return it (if they’re a good person).


3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like The News

  1. Yes! Why is the news only focused on the bad?? No wonder so many people think the world is hopeless. There’s just as much good and joy in the world, but the cameras don’t like to focus on that! What a shame. That’s why I don’t tune into the news as often as I used to, but last night I was pleasantly surprised that nothing much had happened, at least in my city. A welcomed break.

    • It is a shame, it’s as if we only care about the bad things that happen. Even when it’s a “Slow news day” They can’t think of anything good to report. Knew I wouldn’t be the only one that stays away, haha.

      • Yeah, I usually would be against people not paying attention to what’s going on, but when all there seems to be is bad news, I think a break is in order to maintain high spirits.

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