My Close Call: Idiotic Drivers

Driving is an essential part of life for most people, this is obvious by the amount of traffic on our roads. Controlling a vehicle is easy once you’ve learned how to, but somehow the odd few slip through the net; we call these idiots and I beg the question, “How can you be so dumb?”

I asked the question yesterday when I was driving home from an appointment with my chiropractor. The short 15 minute journey began well, but after just 5 minutes (if that) a blonde woman pulled out in front of me, from a junction which has excellent visibility. I slammed my hand onto my horn and broke hard. With her stupid blue eyes staring at me in her rear view mirror, she then waved her arm in the air as if to say “What did I do?”

…What did you do?! Are you actually crapping on my leg right now, you could have killed us. It seems obvious to me that some people are just in too much of a hurry to die. I mean, there is no where on Earth that is so important that you have to risk not only your life, but others as well.

Pulling a stunt like that will gain you a couple of seconds, is it really worth it? Is the high blood pressure honestly worth it? The worst part about this particular incident, is that no one was behind me and no one was coming the other way, so all she had to do was wait a maximum of 10 seconds for me to pass the junction. But God forbid you wait, I understand, you’re late for an appointment, please do kill me so that you can get there on time.

The amount of times someone has pulled out in front of me and then reacted as if I was in the wrong, is countless (especially on roundabouts, do not get me started on those). What is wrong with people, I really want to know because this idiotic behaviour is on the incline and driving seems to be getting more and more dangerous every day. I used to love driving, now I only do it because I have to and good God am I glad when I step out onto solid ground at the end of every journey.

If you are one that pulls out in front of people on a regular basis, STOP. Seriously, you could kill someone and yourself. The extra 3 seconds you gain is NOT worth it. Stop being an idiot because if you don’t get killed, you will pull out in front of the wrong person one day and end up with either a police man on your ass, or a very angry civilian who won’t accept what you’ve done.

Think. Stay alive long enough to reach your destination.


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