The Gauna Have Returned!

Recently we welcomed the wonderful Knights of Sidonia back onto Netflix. If you’re not familiar this fantastic show is an anime, based in space…with robots. Need I say more? No, but I will…

The residents of Sidonia may be the last human colony in the universe and their survival is constantly challenged by the ruthless Gauna. The humans were nearly wiped out by the ugly pink alien life form and now in Season 2 they seem to be bigger and more ruthless than ever.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that we are thrown into the action from the word Go! Some interesting twists are…twisted, in the first episode and you will find yourself immediately saying “What the heck?” when the credits roll for the first time. I find myself asking that question when the credits roll after every episodes, there’s just so much going on!

Relationships continue to blossom and some characters take turns we don’t quite expect. I’ll admit, that I’ve been scratching my head asking “Is she or isn’t she?” because the character development just catches you completely off guard…and I like that, it makes a nice change, it keeps you interested and very confused.

The animation style does take some time getting used to as it isn’t like the usual anime styles, but it is stunning and I love it. Obviously it is best to watch the anime in Japanese, but it is available in an English dub if you’d rather not do any multi-tasking (it’s hard work, I understand).

All in all this is a fantastic, entertaining anime that everyone can enjoy, even if you’ve never watched an anime before. This (in my opinion) is a great introductory show to the weird and wonderful world of anime and I have no doubt that after you’ve watched these 2 seasons, you’ll be asking me what anime to watch next.

There’s aliens, talking bears, robots, space…what more could you want?! Go watch it!

(P.S. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, I shall enlighten you all when I have more time and freedom to.)


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