You Have An Opinion, Just Don’t Be a Jerk

Last year I wrote a blog post about opinions and how you should probably behave when you have one that differs to someone else. But it seems that more and more people have a burning desire to voice their opinion and that would be a fantastic thing, if they weren’t being unbearable jerks about it.

Three or four times in the past two or three weeks I have come across people who disagreed so much with my opinion, that they felt the need to create an argument about it. Because they felt that they were right and I was wrong.

Now, if I am wrong (and I’m proven wrong with solid facts), I will happily hold my hands up and admit it, I have no problem with being wrong, because we’re all wrong at some point. It’s how we learn. But even if my opinion is wrong, it doesn’t give you the right to lecture me. What difference does it make to you, if I am wrong? You would know that you were right, so why create an uncomfortable and frustrating situation out of nothing?

I am entitled, just as you are, to my own opinion and if my opinion is wrong, that’s on me. For example, if you thought Brexit was a bad idea and I thought it was a good idea, we should not argue about it, we should accept that we both have different opinions and different reasons for those opinions.

It’s very easy to accept someone’s opinion and not be a jerk, but for some reason people love to make their opinion known to you and won’t quit until they’ve “won”.

I’m sorry, I don’t use social media to ask for you to weigh in on my opinions, I use it to express myself and whether you like it or not, I’m allowed to make my opinions known. I’ll happily welcome someone to say, “I politely disagree, because (whatever they have to say), that is all.” But I cannot accept people approaching me with “You’re wrong, because this, how can you possibly be right?” That’s just rude.

Everyone is allowed their own opinion, it’s a basic right, freedom of speech and all that jazz. But you do not have the right to criticize and talk down to someone because you think you’re right. That’s not having an opinion, that’s just being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk.

We are all allowed to comment and have an opinion on whatever we want, whether it’s something personal, or if it’s an incident in the World News. As an English person I’m allowed to comment on the gun crisis in America, just as Americans are allowed to comment on Brexit. We can talk about whatever the hell we want and have the right to say it freely without being attacked for it.

What I’m trying to say is, can we just stop causing conflict for no reason? Can we stop creating arguments and being jerks to one another? I’m allowed an opinion; you’re allowed an opinion. Hell, we’re even allowed to disagree with one another. You’re allowed to disagree with this blog and I’m fine with that…unless you’re being a jerk unnecessarily.

It really isn’t difficult to get on with someone who has a different view to you, all you have to do is move on and go on with your life. Whether it’s with that person in your life or not.

So let’s get on with our lives. Because there’s enough conflict in this world already, without us adding to it.

But once again, that’s just…my opinion.



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