August Update – I know, I’m Terrible!

It’s been a while and I apologise. Below I’ve written an update to everything that’s going on with me. Blog posts will be more regular very soon (hopefully).

Writing is a very important part of my life. It’s what I love and want to do. But juggling everything can be hard. Blogs, Littlewolf, scripts and now I’ve started a new podcast with my good friend Sammy! Some would say I take on too much, but I never think that’s the case. I enjoy what I do, so doing more is surely better?

Episode 1 of our new podcast is just over an hour long and we talk about (surprise, surprise) writing! We talk about our writing process, our favourite books, our least favourite and so on. We plan to release an episode once a month to start with (with different topics every month), as we are both busy little ladies, but the next episode should be coming out within the next week or two and hopefully I’ll get a blog post out along with it! So, if you’re struggling with your writing process, or just curious as to how other writers do things, tune into our podcast, it might help you. Or who knows, maybe you’ll even have tips for us.

On top of this, I have also entered Littlewolf onto Inkshares. The first two chapters are available to read and you can even pre-order it. I’m working hard on the third chapter, but for some reason I’m finding it difficult as parts just aren’t meshing together. But I’ll get it done soon.

My writing life is quite hectic at the moment and I always end up writing more than one piece at once. So for now, I’m concentrating most of my time on Littlewolf and using my breaks to write a thriller script. I think it’s always good to break up big projects with smaller ones and keep those creative juices flowing.

I am also taking part in a play with a theatre group I have been with for five years now. Last year I took a break away from acting due to my ill health, but now I’m back into it and have rehearsals 3-4 times a week for now. But after September, the play will be over and my evenings will go back to writing. Until the Pantomime beginnings (if I decide to be a part of that).

I’m trying to get a new schedule in play so that I can squeeze blog posts in between everything else. Keeping everyone up to date is hard, but it’s very important to me that my readers know that I am still here, I’m just neck deep in writing!

I’ll try and give you all a little blog post about Littlewolf soon.

I’ll talk to you all soon!