Littlewolf’s Kingdom

On Sunday, I mentioned that I planned my writing schedule for Littlewolf until the end of November. I started writing again on Monday the 7th and managed to pump out an insane 3,043 words, which is just unheard of for me. I was really on a roll. My word goal for Tuesday lowered and I hit the goal of 1,957. Those two days of successful writing resulted in chapter 4 of Littlewolf being completed. And today I began chapter 5. My flow wasn’t as smooth as previous days, but I got the 2,500 words done and I’m looking forward to finishing chapter 5 tomorrow. Everything is going to plan so far and I’m very excited.

As well as a quick update, I thought I’d share a little more about Littlewolf and the world she lives in.

Abandoned by her tribe as a baby, Littlewolf was raised by wolves in a magical realm separated from mortal humans. The realm is known to the humans as The Banished Lands for it was created to trap unnatural and dangerous creatures safely away from mankind. But as the decades went on, the magical creatures accepted their prison as their home and called it a Kingdom.

After many years living in peace, away from the humans, the veil between the worlds was torn and the door to the Kingdom was permanently open to any wondering human. A war began between man and beast, for the greed of man saw that everything about the creatures was valuable. Their fur, horns, claws, wings, even their meat.

During the day, the rivers sang, the trees spoke to the wind and the giant flowers danced in the sun. But come the night, blood was shed and screams echoed through the Evergreen forest. But what the humans considered “monsters” were gentle and reluctant to fight, the humans ignored their pleas and continued their relentless attacks.

One day beyond the mountains, the Eastern kingdom was engulfed in mysterious flame and the souls that were lost are cursed to haunt what is now named The Ashes. No one ventures beyond the mountains and the Kingdom mourn the loss of their families.

Picking up the pieces, Littlewolf and her parents learn of a great prophecy that will save the Kingdom. But it’s a dangerous task and Littlewolf must learn to become a master of magic so that she can close the veil and ensure the majestic and terrifying Piasa remains asleep.

So far I’m very happy where Littlewolf is going and the first 3 Chapters are available to read on the link below. No more chapters are planned on being released unless I feel that readers want/need the extra chapter. I will say, the 4th is very exciting!

I’ll update you all again in a few days and give you some more information about the world of Littlewolf.



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