Feed The Gremlins Little and Often

Youtube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, eating, playing games. Oh the procrastination is strong within this one I can tell you. Getting distracted and being lazy as a result is both fun and time wasting, but like many people I always seem to find myself fighting that urge to watch just one more episode.

Is beating procrastination and keeping those gremlins at bay possible? Of course it is, you just have to harness your self discipline and rise above the temptation! I know it’s hard, but here’s how I usually tackle the sweet tantalising temptress.

Five days out of the seven I will try to write for about 8 hours. This is a long time to concentrate on one thing, so breaks are often necessary. Usually a couple of 10-15 minute breaks will do and I will take these when my writing flow comes to a natural stop.

Deciding on what you do with your break all depends on what relaxes you, for me it’s youtube videos. I follow a lot of channels, from gaming to vlogs and most of the videos don’t pass the 20 minute mark so they’re perfect for short breaks.

Procrastination can easily be tamed by feeding it little chunks during your breaks, just remember that when your break is over, it’s over! Back to work with you until your next break. It can be difficult to get back into the swing of things after relaxing, but perseverance will find a way!


How do you defeat the little gremlin on your shoulder? Or do you let it rule with an iron fist?