Littlewolf & The Update Part II

I’ve had a little unplanned break, so here’s a wee update:

The first draft of Littlewolf was completed a few weeks ago and I immediately began the editing process. But I realised that there was still a lot more that I could add to the story. So I began a sort of ‘re-write’, from beginning to end, adding and editing as I go. But as I started, I began to feel that I was completely burnt out. And I had to stop for what has turned into two weeks!

My energy levels are usually topsy-turvy and I can never predict how I’m going to feeling day to day. But the last few weeks have been terrible and I just haven’t been able to get any work done at all. It’s all very frustrating.

I’ll probably take the remainder of this week off and begin afresh on Monday! It has put my plans a little behind schedule, but I have to try and accept it. I’ve been so organised lately, that I’m just constantly frustrated at myself for being tired. Sounds crazy really.

But the second draft of Littlewolf is underway! And I’m very excited about the additions I have in mind. A lot of TLC is going into this story and I’m going to take my time with the second draft. I’m just happy to finally have the first draft complete, after 2 years of putting it off.

So I apologise for the lack of update, but everything will be back to normal next week! I have allowed myself two weeks of R&R and procrastination, so now it’s time for the productivity to continue!

See you all in the New Year, I hope you have a merry one. x



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Update – Littlewolf & The Editing

It has been too long since I updated everyone on Littlewolf, but I have been quite busy (and a little unwell), so here is the update, finally.

The writing frenzy for Littlewolf is over and now the editing has begun. I always find editing difficult, as I can never decide the best way to do it. I am behind schedule (already) as I planned to begin editing on the 23rd, but decided I would take a day off after the 2 weeks of writing and then I was away this weekend in Liverpool. It’s a bit of a blur. On a side note, for those that love Christmas decorations, I suggest you check out Liverpool, it is beautiful!

Paper edits have started and I’ve just finished Chapter 4. I’ve decided to paper edit all the chapters first and then do it all on the computer over a course of 4-5 days. I’m taking my time with editing and so far, it seems that there’s a lot I’m not happy with.

I’m going to enjoy the process as much as I can and try my hardest to make Littlewolf the best it can possibly be. Continuity is important to me and I’ve found a lot of gaps in it, aahh! I apologise for the roughness of this blog post, but I’m feeling a wee bit stressed with everything that needs to be done.

I was going to give you all a snippet of Chapter 4 and introduce the new character that joins the adventure, but as it needs heavy editing, I’ve decided to hold off for now and I will include it in the next blog post.

On top of this, as I re-edit Chapters 1-3, I will re-upload them onto Inkshares.

Thank you all for your continued support during for this project!

Chapters 1-3 of Littlewolf and The Broken Veil are available on Inkshares here:


A Dream To Kill Now Live!

Good evening readers!

My Open Book, A Dream To Kill is now live! You can find the blog here and I will post a chapter every weekend!

At some point, I hope to add more content to the website which will include more stories and maybe even previews to future projects!

I will add that I have been extremely busy these last few days so I’ve not been able to find the time to edit or even proof read the first chapter on the blog, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes. They will be corrected as soon as possible. This is still very much a work in progress.

I hope you all enjoy this new adventure and if you do please share, comment and all that jazz, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you all in a day or so!

Read A Dream To Kill Here.

Can a Single Dream Power a Book?

Many authors claim that their ideas, plots and characters have come from dreams they have had, whether they experienced one dream or many. The idea that a single dream could power an entire book always seemed unlikely to me. How many of us really remember our dreams in enough detail? And how many of us have dreams that would be interesting to other people across the globe?

I was sceptical to the entire thought until I realised that many things in our lives can affect our subconscious. Films, Television, the food we eat, or the medication we take can all influence the dreams we have. If I watch too much 24 before I go to sleep, I’m guaranteed a dream where I’m driving a big GMC shooting bad guys.

For the most part however, it’s medication that affects my dreams. Currently they are rather frightening, often dark and usually upsetting. A few of these dreams I remember for a long time, one of them, fueled the idea for a book. Continue reading