Littlewolf & The Update Part II

I’ve had a little unplanned break, so here’s a wee update:

The first draft of Littlewolf was completed a few weeks ago and I immediately began the editing process. But I realised that there was still a lot more that I could add to the story. So I began a sort of ‘re-write’, from beginning to end, adding and editing as I go. But as I started, I began to feel that I was completely burnt out. And I had to stop for what has turned into two weeks!

My energy levels are usually topsy-turvy and I can never predict how I’m going to feeling day to day. But the last few weeks have been terrible and I just haven’t been able to get any work done at all. It’s all very frustrating.

I’ll probably take the remainder of this week off and begin afresh on Monday! It has put my plans a little behind schedule, but I have to try and accept it. I’ve been so organised lately, that I’m just constantly frustrated at myself for being tired. Sounds crazy really.

But the second draft of Littlewolf is underway! And I’m very excited about the additions I have in mind. A lot of TLC is going into this story and I’m going to take my time with the second draft. I’m just happy to finally have the first draft complete, after 2 years of putting it off.

So I apologise for the lack of update, but everything will be back to normal next week! I have allowed myself two weeks of R&R and procrastination, so now it’s time for the productivity to continue!

See you all in the New Year, I hope you have a merry one. x



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Update – Littlewolf & The Editing

It has been too long since I updated everyone on Littlewolf, but I have been quite busy (and a little unwell), so here is the update, finally.

The writing frenzy for Littlewolf is over and now the editing has begun. I always find editing difficult, as I can never decide the best way to do it. I am behind schedule (already) as I planned to begin editing on the 23rd, but decided I would take a day off after the 2 weeks of writing and then I was away this weekend in Liverpool. It’s a bit of a blur. On a side note, for those that love Christmas decorations, I suggest you check out Liverpool, it is beautiful!

Paper edits have started and I’ve just finished Chapter 4. I’ve decided to paper edit all the chapters first and then do it all on the computer over a course of 4-5 days. I’m taking my time with editing and so far, it seems that there’s a lot I’m not happy with.

I’m going to enjoy the process as much as I can and try my hardest to make Littlewolf the best it can possibly be. Continuity is important to me and I’ve found a lot of gaps in it, aahh! I apologise for the roughness of this blog post, but I’m feeling a wee bit stressed with everything that needs to be done.

I was going to give you all a snippet of Chapter 4 and introduce the new character that joins the adventure, but as it needs heavy editing, I’ve decided to hold off for now and I will include it in the next blog post.

On top of this, as I re-edit Chapters 1-3, I will re-upload them onto Inkshares.

Thank you all for your continued support during for this project!

Chapters 1-3 of Littlewolf and The Broken Veil are available on Inkshares here:


Update – Littlewolf & The Names

This post was supposed to be out on Saturday, but after two weeks of nearly none stop writing, I needed the little break that Sunday offered me. But 9 Chapters, approximately 45,000 words has been completed and I have 5,000 words to go and then the editing begins this Wednesday.

It’s very exciting to be so close to finishing Littlewolf, as I have been taking my time with it for over 2 years. I thought I’d never finish it. My ability to procrastinate often overshadows my need to write and so my progress with anything is usually very slow. But I started writing down word goals for every writing day and I didn’t think it would help me fend off the procrastination demon. But it really did! Never have I ever written 6 days a week, for 2 weeks solid. And that may not sound like a lot to some people, but for me, Princess Procrastination, it is a whole butt tonne.


Since the last update, I finished Chapters 8 and 9 and this is when things really start to kick off. Our group of heroes reach the Volcano and their most dangerous task stands before them. I’m not going to reveal too much because major spoilers! But I will say it’s intense and emotional.

Below I thought I would reveal a little information about the names of the characters, as they are so unusual. I didn’t just pick any old name; a lot of thought went into the main characters and their names are a big part of who they are.

The names of characters are always important to the story. We follow the characters from the beginning to the end of their journey and we grow attached to them. If we forget the plot of a book or a film, we’ll always remember the main character names.

But I’ve found the names for Littlewolf a little more difficult than usual. It’s set in a time where native tribes are still strong, so I couldn’t have names like Bob or Diane. I have, however used names that describe the character.

A character that is introduced in Chapter 4 is called Hania, which means Spirit Warrior. And while he isn’t exactly a spirit, knowing the meaning of his name, will make sense to you when you meet him.

I found all of my character names (apart from Littlewolf herself) from google searches of Native names, both American and Canadian. Although I find Canadian names much more difficult to find, which is why I changed to American.

Jaawaso is spelled phonetically and is actually spelled Gizhaawaso. I did this for ease of reading, but if her character had have played a small part, I probably would have left it with its original spelling. Her name simply means ‘protects her young’ and Ogimaa means ‘chief’ or ‘king’.

Some names may change before I finish writing Littlewolf, but for the most part I am happy with my characters, their names and what they stand for.

Littlewolf and The Broken Veil Chapters 1-3 are available to read here:


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Update – Littlewolf & A Magical World

Another writing week is well under way! Chapter 7 was completed on Tuesday afternoon and I wrote the first half of Chapter 8 today. I find that some days are certainly easier than others and yesterday wasn’t a good day in general for me, for reasons that I won’t go into now. But today was so much easier. Listening to Radio 1 while I write probably isn’t the best way to get work done, but I just can’t work in silence and sometimes epic soundtracks don’t inspire me, but maybe tomorrow I’ll try something new and smash even more words onto the screen.

Thank you to everyone who has read Littlewolf so far and thank you to those who have shared posts about this book on social media. To know that others are supporting this project means an awful lot to me. So, thank you and thank you again.

For those that have read Littlewolf, even a little, knows that magic is a big part of her world. The entire realm in which she lives was created by magic and of course she knows that the beasts she lives with aren’t natural.

Fairies, griffins, gnomes and fairies are all a part of her everyday life. Her father’s best friend is a griffin and her best friend is a gnome who is always covered in flowers. Magic used to keep them all safe from harm until the humans ripped that safety from them and forced them into a never-ending war.

Littlewolf always knew she was different, but it isn’t until she visits a very special wolf on top of the Wakan mountain, that she realises just how different she is. She is told that someone will teach her how to harness her magic, so that she may save her family and friends.

Nothing, not even her skill with a bow and arrow, will be as crucial as mastering the wild and unpredictable magical power that courses through her veins.

Littlewolf and The Broken Veil Chapters 1-3 are available to read here:


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Update – Littlewolf & The Ashes

So, the first week of my two-week writing frenzy is over. In the last six days, I have written 15,055 words (not including blogs) and completed 3 chapters. I think it has been my most successful writing week…ever. And I hope to keep that success going all the way through next week. I have 4 chapters left to do and I am very excited about what my imagination will be able to come up with.

During the three new chapters, we see Littlewolf entering the mysterious mountain pass with her parents and begin her journey through The Ashes. But they are never alone and the land is different to what they are used to. There are no singing rivers, green trees or dancing fairies. Only death and decay.

On top of this little update, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about where Littlewolf will be travelling to during her story.

If you’ve been following these blogs and the story of Littlewolf, you will know that she must travel to an abandoned baron land where life was harshly snatched by a fierce fire.

The Burnt Kingdom, also known as The Ashes and the Eastern Kingdom is covered in a thick layer of ash. There is no greenery, no life and no light. Death covers the land and is shrouded in thick smoke that billows from the red volcano that sits alone, waiting for someone to challenge its power.

Monsters, known as Nightmares inhabit the land. They are vicious, powerful and show no mercy. But they hold a dark and dangerous secret. One that Littlewolf can only learn if she finds the magic warrior that was promised to her.

But Littlewolf must learn that becoming a powerful sorcerer takes more than enthusiasm. She needs to awaken the magic that lies dormant within her soul and accept the power that flows through her body. But she will have to risk her life to do it. She is tested to her breaking point, but must overcome her basic survival instinct if she wants to save her world.

There is much more to The Ashes than meets the eye.

Littlewolf and The Broken Veil Chapters 1-3 are available to read here:


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A Little bit of Littlewolf

This post is about my wonderful Littlewolf and how she can be a part of your life. Writing is a big part of my life, but this world is the one I am most excited to share with readers. Magic, unusual creatures, monsters, hope, loss and love, all take part in Littlewolf’s adventure and you’re all invited to join her.

Littlewolf was originally the name of a little doll my mum brought home from Canada, it came with a birth certificate and dressed in tradition native clothing. She was adorable. One day I found myself looking at Littlewolf and an idea sparked in my mind. This was a few years back and the story of Littlewolf has been written, scrapped and rewritten more times than I care to admit.

Nothing seemed good enough for the story of a little orphaned baby who was raised by wolves. But to think they are ordinary wolves would be a mistake, they are giant with paws as large as bears. And their home? A magical realm separated from the mortal world and separated from the greed of humans.

Now, after hundreds of hours of failing, I have finally found the adventure Littlewolf was destined for. Her magical family are in grave danger and she is the only one that can save them. The journey is dangerous, but accompanied by her parents and a new companion, her adventure will be anything but lonely.

I plan to finish the first full draft of Littlewolf by the end of November 2016, I already have over 13,000 words written so only have approximately 47,000 to go.

Littlewolf brings wonder and magic into my life, and I know she’ll bring it to you too.

The first three chapters of Littlewolf and the Broken Veil are available to read via the link at the bottom of this post. On the site, you can also interact with me and give feedback as you wish.

The first three chapters are available to read via this link:

I hope Littlewolf brings magic into your life, as she has mine.

August Update – I know, I’m Terrible!

It’s been a while and I apologise. Below I’ve written an update to everything that’s going on with me. Blog posts will be more regular very soon (hopefully).

Writing is a very important part of my life. It’s what I love and want to do. But juggling everything can be hard. Blogs, Littlewolf, scripts and now I’ve started a new podcast with my good friend Sammy! Some would say I take on too much, but I never think that’s the case. I enjoy what I do, so doing more is surely better?

Episode 1 of our new podcast is just over an hour long and we talk about (surprise, surprise) writing! We talk about our writing process, our favourite books, our least favourite and so on. We plan to release an episode once a month to start with (with different topics every month), as we are both busy little ladies, but the next episode should be coming out within the next week or two and hopefully I’ll get a blog post out along with it! So, if you’re struggling with your writing process, or just curious as to how other writers do things, tune into our podcast, it might help you. Or who knows, maybe you’ll even have tips for us.

On top of this, I have also entered Littlewolf onto Inkshares. The first two chapters are available to read and you can even pre-order it. I’m working hard on the third chapter, but for some reason I’m finding it difficult as parts just aren’t meshing together. But I’ll get it done soon.

My writing life is quite hectic at the moment and I always end up writing more than one piece at once. So for now, I’m concentrating most of my time on Littlewolf and using my breaks to write a thriller script. I think it’s always good to break up big projects with smaller ones and keep those creative juices flowing.

I am also taking part in a play with a theatre group I have been with for five years now. Last year I took a break away from acting due to my ill health, but now I’m back into it and have rehearsals 3-4 times a week for now. But after September, the play will be over and my evenings will go back to writing. Until the Pantomime beginnings (if I decide to be a part of that).

I’m trying to get a new schedule in play so that I can squeeze blog posts in between everything else. Keeping everyone up to date is hard, but it’s very important to me that my readers know that I am still here, I’m just neck deep in writing!

I’ll try and give you all a little blog post about Littlewolf soon.

I’ll talk to you all soon!