Adventure Time: The Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom

Oh My Glob, a new Adventure Time game! Join Jake and Finn in a brand new top-down adventure game with plenty of puzzles to solve. I, like many other hardcore Adventure Time fans was excited for this new game. It looked hilarious and I was personally very excited to go on my own adventure with my favourite cartoon dog and human.

This game is easy to get to grips with, although there isn’t really any tutorial for the controls. When I run into a monster I can’t help myself but shout “Oh my Glob!!” and run away in terror, because for some reason defending yourself just seems to be a bit too difficult.

Jake takes the form of a shield at the beginning of the game and he’s the only defense you have to reflect attacks, however getting the angle just right is tricky and I found myself dying quite a lot because the controls are just a little too sensitive.

Having said that, the humour Jake brings to the game is brilliant and quite frankly needed. They break the fourth wall quite a lot and it can be amusing. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot more I can say about this game that is good.

The gameplay is slow, the map is too vague to know where you’re really going and the puzzles are just a bit too confusing. It’s as if you need to do everything in a particular order and you won’t be able to complete the big missions unless you’ve done A, B and C first. That would be fine, if the game made it clear as to what you’re meant to do, but it doesn’t.

Most games introduce you to the controls, the menus and the plot before you get into the nitty gritty part; but this game just drops you right into the fray and expects you to know what you’re supposed to do. There is a shop mechanic, which seems like a good idea but everything is just too expensive. While collecting “All the rubles!” isn’t hard, it is tedious and wastes an awful lot of time.

All in all I would play this game for thirty minutes at a time but no more. It isn’t a game you can get lost in and I personally can’t handle more than half an hour at a time. If I were to score it out of 10, it would get a generous 5. There are some good parts to this game, but for the most part it falls flat.


Can’t Escape The Noise!

My day usually consists of at least five hours of writing, but occasionally there are times when writing becomes almost impossible. Today was one of those frustrating occasions and it was all down to the builders that are putting a porch on the front of our house. I managed to write 240 words before I was interrupted by the deafening drilling that was just feet away from my window.

Being able to block out unwanted noises is a very useful talent to have, unfortunately I do not possess this power and as a result I was forced to admit defeat and step away from my computer. So what did I do instead?

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